Hushh-ups® is the safe and quick way to eliminate chair noise

hushhups ball

Hushh-ups® is the safe and quick way to eliminate chair noise

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What are the benefits of using Hushh-ups®?

Hushh-ups® is the safe and easiest way to eliminate chair noise. This smart and simple solution improves the classroom environment for students and teachers.

  • Improve students’ ability to hear, discriminate speech and attend to their teacher during instructional periods
  • Enhance students’ comprehension of oral language
  • Enrich the learning environment for all students by eliminating the scraping noise of chairs in classrooms
  • Improve students’ attention and concentration by decreasing distracting noise
  • Eliminate chair noise between floors in schools with multiple stories
  • Diminish floor damage caused by chairs scraping on tiled floors
  • Reduce custodial staff time spent on maintaining and cleaning grooved and marked tiled floors
  • Decrease the frequency of resurfacing and replacing tiled floors
  • Save on the cost of cleaning products used to upkeep floors
  • Reduce headaches, fatigue, and stress experienced by teachers and students who are exposed to the constant scraping noise of chairs
  • Decrease the strain on the teachers’ voice while trying to speak louder than the noise of the chairs. Studies have shown that teachers’ have a high incidence of vocal chord problems
  • Eliminate the safety concerns that arise if custodians, teachers, parents or students attempt to cut their own tennis balls with sharp knives
  • Studies have shown that teachers have a high incidence of vocal chord problems
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Hushh-ups® travel well, gliding across many floors over the last 20 years




A Submarine

Film camera

TV and
Movie Studios



study desk


hard drives




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Product Specifications

Students deserve only the best quality products when it comes to learning.

Hushh-ups single ball

Hushh-ups® are air inflated tennis balls designed for durability. The felt covering is approximately 5 mm of heavy woven felt composed of wool and nylon, and the interior rubber core is 4 mm thick. Our precision machine cut creates the highest quality opening for quick and easy installation



A warranty of 2 years applies from date
of purchase under conditions of normal use.

The quality of Hushh-ups®
is unparallleled.